A Wish That Never Came True, Nicolas Cage As A Superman

nicolas cage

The naive Clark Kent, who worked as a journalist, became Superman. The DC comic fans were eagerly waiting to see Nicolas Cage as Superman. The movie that never came. Everyone rather witnessed The Flash poster in the theatre. Tim Burton directed it. Everyone was hyped with the Superman reboot. He was supposed to fight an alien from another planet or dimension.

Recently released The Flash, led by Ezra Miller, deviated from the previously made story with Cage. This new one takes the audience on a multiverse journey. Andres Musechietti directs The Flash. Here Barry Allen became the Flash.

Nicolas Cage And His Obsession With Comic Books

He was the first choice of the directors. Cage just played a cameo. The director of The Flash, Andres Muschietti, has told the media Nicolas Cage has always been the first choice to play Superman. He is so obsessed with the DC comics it’s highly unlikely to witness. Cage has named one of his sons, Kal-El, after the birthplace of Krypton. A planet where Superman has come from. Superman was born with the name Kal-El.

Cage has previously given his voice to another Superman story released in 2018, Teen Titans Go. Kal-El also worked as the voice of young Bruce Wayne.

The father-son has been doing wonders since then.

Nicolas Cage as Superman in The Flash is the second time he played a cameo. He never hesitated to play a small role. It didn’t matter to him, and the role was so small. When the director asked Cage about the cameo, he immediately jumped in.

It never mattered to him if the role was big or small when working for DC Comics. They were aiming for 1980s Superman with long black hair. He was the perfect fit for it. But it somehow didn’t happen.