Olivia Plath Pays Tribute To Her Late 15-Year-Old Brother

Olivia Plath

In honor of her late brother Micah Meggs, Olivia Plath shares photos and a heartfelt message. The TLC celebrity’s 15-year-old brother tragically passed away on May 4 in Rocky Mount, Virginia, when he was hit by a car while on his electric bike. 

Following the unfortunate incident, Olivia Plath, who co-stars with her husband Ethan Plath on Welcome to Plathville, took a sabbatical from social media. On May 19, she returned to Insta and posted a heartfelt homage to Micah.  Even though there is a swirl of all possible emotions inside of her, she wrote, “I’ve rewritten it several times because I simply have no words.” 

Olivia Plath Is Absolutely Shattered

“Micah Titus, you’ll always remain in my heart. I shall miss hearing you laugh.” The 25-year-old reality star continued by thinking back on her connection with her brother and lamenting the lack of time they spent together. Olivia was separated from Micah for several years due to her family’s estrangement. She has previously declared to have been raised in a “cult environment.”

“I keep thinking about all the memories we were unable to make and the ones I lost out on the final years of his life.” She recalled how Micah and Olivia had been particularly close as kids.  

“The older kids frequently behave like parents to their younger siblings when growing up in a big family,” she wrote. Micah was our baby. I still vividly recall that day. I felt primarily accountable for him and potty trained him as well as taught him to read. I also carried him about on my hip and afterward on my back.

Olivia Plath continued by expressing her mixed emotions “about being parentified back when she was a mere child.” Nevertheless, she continues to treasure “those sweet memories since they’re all I have.”