Paige DeSorbo Sobs That For BF Craig Conover, Shifting To Charleston Would Mean Changing Her Whole Life

Paige DeSorbo

In the show Summer House, participant Paige DeSorbo confessed that she has no pals in Charleston. 

The Winter House’s arrival of Kory Keefer, the breakdown of Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard’s friendship, and Paige DeSorbo’s uncertainty about the coming years of long-distance with her boyfriend Craig Conover are all depicted midway through the season promo video for Summer House season 7, which debuted on Monday. 

The subject of the 30-year-old Paige DeSorbo to her boyfriend Conover’s house in Charleston from hers in New York, came up when they were sitting poolside when the 34-year-old star of “Southern Charm” was in the Hamptons in summer last year.

Paige DeSorbo On Her Long-Distance Relationship With Craig Conover

Long-distance relationships are undoubtedly challenging, said Paige DeSorbo in one of her recent interviews. However, she believes that she and Craige would be able to manage theirs well enough. Despite their disagreements, she enjoys spending summers with her friends and she loves being a New York resident. The “Reprisal” star may even have teased about moving to NYC in the future. The actor questioned whether, in the next two years, he would be able to spend more time in Charleston, especially with his girlfriend Paige DeSorbo’s career taking a new leap.  

In the quarterly preview of the show, an ambulance can be seen leaving while sounding its sirens. Kyle Cooke tells his housemates that Carl truly stayed at the hospital the whole night. The trailer also shows Lindsay Hubbard, Radke’s now-fiance, screaming at him while they are in bed, telling him that he was a “piece of shit,” when the truth is revealed.

The preview clip concludes with the 36-year-old Hubbard, accepting the 38-year-old publicist, Radke’s proposal. He promises the Syracuse University alum, that he would marry her even a thousand times. Hubbard and Olivera, 34, who had voiced worry about the progression of Radke’s relationship with Hubbard, clash over the relationship.