Paris Hilton Says She Was Hurt Seeing Hateful Comments About Her Child’s Head

paris hilton

Paris Hilton recently opened up about her heartache over the reaction that social media provided to a recent photo of her 8-month-old son, Phoenix Barron. The celebrity went on to explain on her Instagram that it was quite unacceptable that her followers were targeting her child following the extremely hurtful comments.

On the 19th of October, the 42-year-old posted a series of pictures of her son, whom she shares with her husband Carter Reum, on Instagram in order to mark his very first trip to New York City. A TikTok user pointed out the negative response that this post had received, which prompted the celebrity to reply that her child was perfectly healthy, and just had a large brain. 

Paris Hilton Talks About How Negative Comments About Her Baby Affected Her

Paris Hilton then expanded on the response to the comments about the size of Phoenix’s head in an Instagram Story on Monday- where she stated that living her entire life in the spotlight, this was pretty inevitable, but targeting her child was a low blow- and was completely unacceptable. Hilton also wrote that the response from the public hurt her deeply, and it hurt her heart more deeply than words could ever describe. She had worked hard to cultivate an environment that was all about love, acceptance, and respect, and she would expect the same in return from her followers. 

Paris Hilton, the star of Paris In Love, also added that traversing motherhood as a social media star had put her under a lot of scrutiny. She wrote that she was criticized for every action- when she posted pictures with her baby, people assumed that she was not a great mother- but when she did post pictures with him, there were some people who were cruel and hateful and wrote negative comments about her child. Nevertheless, Hilton wrote that she was a proud working mom and her baby was perfectly healthy, adorable, and angelic.