Paris Hilton Welcomes Her Family’s Newest Member

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton and their husband Carter Reum welcomed their family’s newest member, their first born at the beginning of this year. The businesswoman hitting 41 announced the birth of her first baby boy via surrogacy with spouse Reum. She shares about her long-lost dream of becoming a mother that came out to be true finally and Carter whom she’s quite excited to start her new mom life. 

Paris Hilton Begins New Year With ‘Mom’ Title

Paris Hilton revealed the news via Instagram last Tuesday, the post showcased a close-up photo of the baby gripping her mom’s thumb. The adorable post was accompanied by a caption saying how loved the bay is beyond any words can describe. Hilton has also previously opened up about her desire to start parenting alongside her husband Reum.

An interview with PEOPLE disclosed Paris Hilton’s plan to upbringing a child soon after the pair got married at the end of last year. The couple shared that they were on IVF or Intro-vitro fertilization during the start of the pandemic era. The duo added that they started going for it as the whole world was collapsing back then and right then they knew they wanted a family. Hilton exclaimed that the timing was perfect as usual, she was out on a plane half of the year but now she has all the time in the world. She decided why not just stock up on as many eggs as she can and prepare themselves for a new start.

Paris Hilton engaged with Carter Reum in February of 2021 after what seems like a year of dating. The pair tied the knot in a ceremony of a three-day wedding planned in November. Carter Reum was a long-time friend of Hilton Household, the Chicago native is an entrepreneur, author, as well as a venture capital firm at M13.