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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Bug Alert: People Are Able To See Twitter Fleets After Expiration Dates

Twitter has been facing some tumultuous times for the past few months and has been attacked by a bug recently. A few days ago the new feature of Twitter Fleets was introduced and implemented across the social media platform that was almost like a clone of the Instagram story bubble that disappears after a mere 24 hours. However, a specific bug has halted the Twitter Fleets from disappearing, and to make it worse, this bug has also allowed illicit snooping.

It has been lately reported that the users of Twitter informed about the bug that has been permitting other users to see the Twitter Fleets on several public accounts even after its 24 hours of duration as of Saturday. In addition to this issue, this bug has also been posing the problem of allowing users to download and view anyone’s Twitter Fleet without giving any sort of notification or intimation to the concerned user. This seems to be a massive and serious issue for any social media platform. This indicates that any user can snoop on private posts devoid of providing any knowledge to the user. As a result, this new feature of Twitter Fleet which was supposed to provide a much freer and ephemeral form of expression to users has backfired. Now, this tool is acting as a snoop that can steal your data and store it for longer periods. Thus, being the opposite of the purpose it was intended for.

Twitter Fleets
Twitter Fleets

Twitter Fleets Bugged

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Twitter has stated that they are trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible and with less damage. They will fix the problem very soon.

Twitter was enquired regarding this issue and the steps being taken by the company, but they did not respond about it.

According to reports, it is seen that the bug is generated from the developer app which can scrape the tweets from various public accounts with the use of the API of Twitter. Officials of Twitter informed that this API is not able to revert URLs that are required for the Twitter Fleets which exist beyond 24 hours. They have further added that as soon as they fix the bug, users can no longer access the Twitter Fleets after the period of 24 hours despite possessing the URL of any particular Fleet.

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On the other hand, Twitter withholds a copy of the Fleet even after expiry in order for the users to make a case for themselves in times of dispute and other needs.

After facing all the controversies since the US presidential election, such bug issues will further pose problems for Twitter.

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