Did Pete Davidson Get A New Tattoo For Kim Kardashian?

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson is a synonym for the word Tattoos. He loves tattoos so much that it might be his love language, we are afraid. The comedian so far has established a reputation for getting tattoos of his relationships. Now, we may have seen the news about his new high-profile relationship.

The “Saturday Night Live” star has recently added a new tattoo to his collection, and we can’t get enough of it. He probably has honored Kim Kardashian with this new addition to his collection. In a new series of Instagram photos, Pete has been caught with a small script tattoo of a fine line that reads “Jasmine Aladdin.”

Pete Davidson, Dating SNL Colleague Kim Kardashian? 

Neither Kardashian nor Davidson have spoken about the tattoo. However, the mentioned pair has recently played Jasmine and Aladdin during their time on “Saturday Night Live.”

Davidson may have a few more inks honoring his co-star, as Kim previously vaguely mentioned about that in ”The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” This lives us thinking if Pete’s neck tattoo that was seen when the duo appeared on the White House Correspondents’ Dinner was actually about Kardashian and the kids as it read KNSCP, the initials of their names.

Previously in a topless selfie, the three letters of Kim’s first name flashed on the right-hand side of the chest of Pete Davidson. After a few days, Kim’s confession came on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” However, Pete Davidson apparently has a few more tattoos addressing his love for Kim, and Kim was unwilling to share all the little details about them in that interview. His current partner said the star wanted to do something special to show his love, which is why he got inked. She also said how Pete does not want to cover those tattoos; instead, he wants those to be on him as scars.