Pinterest Adds New Ad Slots, More Insights for Marketers, Ahead of the Holiday Shopping Push


The holiday shopping season is about to start, all the leading social platforms will release new features and tools to help businesses increase the seasonal promotions. Ideally, they would regain as much as they can after the hugely distressing year.

This week, Pinterest has released the newest tool that will help businesses reach out to more potential online shoppers who are using Pinterest now as a sort of online mall that has artisan and unique products every day.

Firstly, Pinterest added more ad slots that will assist businesses in reaching people when they are looking for products they aim to purchase.

Pinterest ad slots

According to Pinterest: 

“As more people use Pinterest to shop and look for ideas and products from brands and retailers, we’re integrating ads into more shopping experiences across Pinterest to deliver relevant content where it’s welcomed by shoppers.”

Presently, as demonstrated above, advertisers will be able to put ads in the Pinterest Lens matches the “Shop” tap in the search and also shopping matches on pins.

The new options for placement are being released by time and will be ready for businesses first in the UK and US.

Additionally, Pinterest is planning to give Pin marketers more information about the path from every pin with new detailed on particular performance.

Pinterest conversion insights

“With new conversion insights, Pinterest Verified Merchants and Shopify retailers can easily see the impact of both their paid and organic Pinterest content on their site visits and checkouts, making their shopping efforts not just impactful, but also measurable.”

The new listings, as you can see above, provide more particular split among promoted and organic Pin metrics. With user’s Pin listings that are on the top performers. The update makes it similar to Facebook’s listings on the insights page that has to make it easier to understand for people who manage Facebook pages.

Also, Pinterest is extending the accessibility of its personalized shopping suggestions that was first launched last year in the US.

Pinterest style ideas

The option will help Pinners more in finding products, and for businesses to get more shown through related matches.

At this level, the new options are just being started in the UK and US where are Pinterest’s top markets.

For brands in these two nations, the new features will give more ways to increase the exposure for their products. And with Pinterest use is maximizing more than any other platform after the pandemic global lockdown (excluding tiktok), it’s worths considering the reason behind people using such platform for online shopping and if it’s good for your business.