LinkedIn Adds New Warnings on Potentially Inappropriate Messages, Updates Guidelines on Behavior


Recently, LinkedIn has added new features created to protect users from any potential comments or harmful content in general. Also, it has updated the policies of the professional community to reflect members’ expectations of professionalism better and behave respectfully all over the platform.

First of all, from this week on, members on LinkedIn who had any removed content due to a violation will presently get a new alert on their posts telling them such a thing, while users who report an update will get more information on what is happening next.

LinkedIn reports

As you can see in the image above when you report any content on LinkedIn, now, you will see this new page that highlights the next steps of the process, and users who had removed posts will be notified by new prompts informing them.

So far, LinkedIn didn’t provide any transparency on this process, and as you will not get a full ban on the actions you have taken, these prompts will give you more information on how LinkedIn works on such actions.

At least in part, the update has been motivated by the latest recommendations from users on LinkedIn that their controversial posts have been restricted by the algorithm.

According to LinkedIn:  

“Over the last few weeks, we’ve listened to and spoken with some members who feel there’s less engagement on some posts related to racial equity, with content not showing up as frequently on their connections’ feeds. We want to take a moment to address these concerns: We do not remove conversations about race and racism, provided the conversations follow our Professional Community Policies. If a post is removed, it is because we’ve found that it violates our policies.”


TikTok and Instagram have had accusations like this before, with recommendations that they have sought on purpose to restrict discussions on topics on their platforms. However, all of the users that received limitations have got this due to system problems, unless the post was violating the rules of the platform.

These new features will give more context in these cases. The prompts are being released in the US, Canada, and France today, and more nations will have it in the following weeks.

Additionally, LinkedIn is adding new alerts to the post composer box to motivate interactions, while it is adding new alerts to content that would contain any harmful content, making it easy to users to report for review.

LinkedIn message warnings

This is part of LinkedIn’s expanded clampdown on unsuitable or harassing contents. Also, last month, LinkedIn shared the updates of its automatic detection system to detect such messages better, based on past harmful behaviors in the streams’ connection.

LinkedIn harassment detection