Post Malone Apologizes To Boston On Cancelling Show Due To His Injuries 

Post Malone

Boston fans of Post Malone received unfavorable information when the talented artist said he’d cancel the evening’s performance at TD Garden due to his injury. 

He woke up with a piercing ache and was having trouble breathing, Malone, 27, said on his Twitter and Instagram posts. He also stated that he loved all his Boston fans, but on that afternoon, when on tour, he heard crackling sounds on his body’s right side. He faced trouble breathing every time he moved.

Malone acknowledged that the discomfort he was experiencing hindered him from giving the audience the concert they had paid for, but he pledged to make it up for his fans soon. Everybody’s tickets for the performance will be compensated for the rescheduled performance. He repeatedly apologizes and states that he feels awful. 

Trapdoors That Caused Post Malone’s Broken Ribs 

Post Malone’s most recent accident happened only one week after he unintentionally went through one trap door at the Twelve Carat tour stop in St. Louis. Prior to this, the musician reportedly damaged his ribs, according to Dre London, his manager.

Social media has covered Malone’s crash in St. Louis, with videos from various perspectives appearing online. The performer has received good wishes from fans all week.

He still assured his fans that he’d give his best even after the incident in which he smacked his chest before being offered pain medicine. He also promised his followers that his subsequent performance at St. Louis would last two hours.

Later, Post Malone posted a funny image of himself flicking off the spot where he fell on an Insta story to stress his mistrust regarding trap doors in general. On Tuesday, Cleveland will host Malone’s next concert date during his tour. Later,  he still has 24 more dates to go.

The musician hasn’t made any announcements on the state of his following tour dates as of Nov. 24, when the tour comes to a close in LA.