Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Did Not Use Social Media For Two Years

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

It has been two years since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have left all social media platforms and this Wednesday, two whole years will be completed since the couple has posted for the last time from their official account. The last post came from @sussexroyal on Instagram in the year 2020. 

Reason Behind Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Departure From Instagram

Meghan and Prince Harry have both advocated policies about safety from the internet and ways in which one can reduce the abuse and hatred that social media can cause to the people. The last post of the couple was on Instagram where they wrote that they will start a new chapter in their life and amid the pandemic, they will focus entirely on royal family responsibilities and other works for the welfare of the people. 

The motive of their action was to fully focus on contributing to their best for the improvement of healthcare in the country and they stressed that though people won’t be following them, still the good work will be continued. As per a team from Sussex, their websites and accounts will exist in the public eye, however, they won’t be active.

Meghan before marrying Prince Harry had successful accounts on social media where she used to regularly post on Instagram and her blog, The Tig. Meghan and Harry used to share their account with Kate Middleton, and Prince Williams till 2019, and then both the couples separated. There was speculation that Meghan’s behavior caused Kate to cry before the royal marriage ceremony in the year 2018. 

Meghan in an interview stated that the opposite happened when regarding a bridesmaid dress, a fight took place which left Meghan teary-eyed. The Instagram account of Sussex broke many records and had one million followers within just six hours. A website was also launched by them where they wanted to share their hybrid model of working with the people where though they will be independent financially, will still serve the monarchy.