Prince Harry On The US Capitol Riot

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

Prince Harry, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth,  gave a statement about the violent riot that broke out in the Capitol building in the United States of America. The riot that was carried out by the supporters of Donald Trump, the former president of the US, ended up killing a total of five people. The prince referred to it as an attack on the democratic nature of the country, literally.

Prince Harry, while talking on the issue, also addressed the problems and adversities related to social media. He made it known that social media is a platform that is used for promoting violent extremism. He claimed that everything that happened on the US Capitol building, began from the various platforms of social media itself.

Prince Harry Denounces Social Media

Prince Harry went on to give a few examples to prove his point with regard to the toxicity of various social media platforms. He mentioned the Rohingya issue of Myanmar and claimed that it was social media that provoked violence and hatred against them. And this was what led to the genocide in the country. The royal figure termed this issue a breach of human rights.

Prince Harry also referred to the Amazon destruction of Brazil. He said that had it not been the involvement of social media that led to the spread of misinformation, the destruction of Amazon could not have taken place. He said that this issue falls under the banner of global and environmental health.

According to sources, both Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, will be working towards speeding up the process of change in the world of digital media. He advocated that though it cannot be denied that social media has accelerated the development and growth in all possible ways, however, its downside is something that cannot be ignored.