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Changes In The Settings Of Professional Accounts, Twitter Is Making Major Changes

There has been a public announcement from Twitter that they are broadening the profile setting of ‘Professional Accounts’ and will be made available to all the users around the world. To this day, users had to apply to Twitter in order to convert a normal account into a professional one. However, with the change in the setting, the users can easily make it a professional account just from the settings. 

Professional Accounts Are Made For All Users Now By Twitter

The meaning of professional accounts is just to give professionals around the world a medium for their products like famous creators and bands. These accounts get extra tools that make them different from regular accounts and promote their content or product via ads. This is also the first step in introducing these products with the idea of e-commerce on Twitter. The Shop Module of Twitter is a part where the products made by retailers throughout the world can be put there to get the attention of the buyers. 

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As per the official post of Twitter, a significant tool of Twitter is the professional accounts that will provide the users with a clearly defined and unique platform. When a user will choose the professional account option, he will be given categories that will describe him or his product the best.

The categories include apparel, automotive, beauty, and marketing. Once this part is done, the user is asked to choose between two options regarding the type of the account namely creator or business. In the view of Twitter, the business account is best for retail shops, organizations, brands, and service providers, while the account for a creator is made for influencers, public figures, and artists. Moreover, one can change the account type more than once back and forth. 

The qualification of the professional accounts is simple i.e. the user must not have violated guidelines before and it should be an authentic account.

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