The Horrifying Prophecies Made By Baba Vanga For 2024 Have Now Materialized

Baba Vanga

Although the deceased mystic Baba Vanga from Bulgaria passed away in 1996, her prophecies had long since come true. She predicted, for instance, that we would have a solar storm in 2023, and we did. When the storm made landfall on December 1, experts warned of possible outages at that time. Baba Vanga made another very negative prediction for this year. She predicted that there would be more terrorist incidents and that an attempt would be made to assassinate Vladimir Putin. She did not, however, say whether or not this endeavor would be successful.

 In addition, the late 84-year-old foresaw an impending global economic catastrophe, an uptick in horrifying weather phenomena, and an increase in hacker assaults. Baba Vanga’s one hopeful prediction for 2024 was that certain diseases that are today thought to be fatal may receive new therapies. We now examine whose forecasts have so far come true as we approach the fourth month of the year.

Financial Crisis And New Treatments As Predicted By Baba Vanga

Japan and the UK are also having financial difficulties. According to figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), it was verified in February that the UK’s GDP declined by a greater amount than anticipated—0.3 percent—in the three months leading up to December. It has been established in recent weeks that a vaccination against lung cancer is being developed.

Scientists from University College London (UCL), the Francis Crick Institute, and the University of Oxford are developing “LungVax.” Now, the charities Cancer Research UK and the CRIS Cancer Foundation have given them a grant of £1.7 million ($2,139,225) to help pay for 3,000 vaccinations.