Putting Brad Pitt Behind The Wheels

brad pitt

Filmmakers’ long-time wish might have been fulfilled. They have put Tom Cruise on a fighter jet. Now it’s time for another victory. They are casting Brad Pitt for their upcoming movie along with Kerry Condon and Damson Idris.

The formula one racing movie recently had its panel, where mentioned actors were present.

The F1 Accelerated Summit took place in Miami. Where Top Gun: Maverick directors were present. The movie’s name is not set yet. All they disclosed are the actors and the production. Apple Studios production.

Brad Pitt Taking Part In One Of The Famous Car Races Of All Time

Joseph Kosinski and Jerry Bruckheimer were present at the Miami panel. The Top Gun: Maverick director and producer at the same place. This sparked the rumor of something huge cooking up. Brad Pitt is definitely part of the plan.

They gave the press a hint of launching Brad Pitt in the actual race on 9th July.

The British grand prix race. They have planned a whole team to participate in the actual race as a part of the film.

Will Buxton confirmed the news. He is the moderator.

He further mentioned this in a tweet. The production is making an 11th team for the race. The racing track is in the process of being made. It will take place from Silverstone to the end of the year.

They have thought of putting Brad Pitt behind the wheel this time.

Thus he is taking a place in the actual race. He will be driving an F1 car from Silverstone onwards.

Last time while shooting for Top Gun Maverick they installed a camera. Which takes care of the tiniest details. This time it would be attached to the cockpit where their actors will be present. They are going to operate from the cockpit.