Rachel McAdams Talks About Judy Blume’s Hilarious Guidance

Rachel McAdams

Judy Blume, the author, had some premium guidance in store for Rachel McAdams. The advice for the role of Barbara, who Rachel plays in the cinematic adaptation of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret. 44-year-old McAdams says that Blume only had two words for her: “sexy mom”.

Rachel McAdams On The Exciting Advice

On May 11th, while talking to People, Rachel McAdams and Abby Ryder Forston, her costar in the film, said that Judy Blume believed Barbara should be a sexy mother character. The actress of Spotlight was instrumental in making the live-action cinematic adaption of the classic children’s novel from 1970. The story by Judy Blume, 85, has been adapted under the direction of Kelly Fremon Craig.

15-year-old Ryder Forston stars as Margaret, the title character of the film who is a sixth-grade student. In the film, she is adjusting to a new place and the first year there along with her first experiences regarding puberty. Barbara, Rachel McAdams’ character, is also in search of a method to find her place as a mother who stays at home.

Rachel McAdams says that the story is a reflection of an experience that the majority of people encounter, irrespective of the decade or year of birth. This was Rachel’s reply to what she thinks is the resonating factor in Blume’s story and the audience who is over 5 decades away from the original publication date of the novel.

Rachel further adds that the story deals with growing up and discovering oneself. It is also about understanding the relationship one may have with some more in the wide universe outside. She explains that these are all heavy topics that flood the minds of youngsters suddenly and they have to grapple with every one of them.