Kate Chastain Has Addressed Rumors About Her Baby’s Father

Kate Chastain

Kate Chastain is a mother on a mission, as she is currently cleaning up all the rumors that Ben Robinson, her friend and former co-star at Below the Deck, is the father of her child.

The new mom went on to tweet a picture of her child sleeping on Monday, where she also addressed the recent speculation going on social media regarding the identity of the child’s father. Chastain went on to write that the only commonality between her child and Robinson was that they would get quite emotional during meal times. This upload from her social media comes as quite a few fans tried to congratulate Robinson on the arrival of her newborn. 

Kate Chastain Shuts Down Rumors About Her Child’s Father

One user from Instagram commented that Kate Chastain’s baby looked like a mini chef Ben. This led to other comments where they pointed out the resemblance, with one stating that this was absolutely Ben Robinson’s kid.

The 42-year-old celebrity chef hasn’t yet confirmed or denied the paternity of the child. Chastain had announced her pregnancy in December 2022, and gushed to Andy Cohen of Bravo, about her ideas when it came to parenting solo. On Watch What Happens Live, the former chief stewardess stated that she was quite elated to take care of the entire situation by herself. Interestingly, just a month before her due date, Robinson had commented on her Instagram story that she weighed the same as him. 

Yet, one can’t deny the easy camaraderie that Kate Chastain and Ben Robinson share. Before her delivery, the chef asked his followers to wish his friend an easy delivery, and a healthy, beautiful baby. He further commented that he was proud of who she was, and the mother she would be in the future. Although both Robinson and Chastain had admitted that they did hook up with each other at some point during the Bravo show, he has been in a relationship with Kiara Cabral since 2020.