Olivia Wilde Laughs With Jason Sudeikis Amidst Child Support And Nanny Drama

Olivia Wilde

For the benefit of their children, Olivia Wilde and the actor Jason Sudeikis have put their problems on hold. After retaliating against the nanny, the ex-couple watches their son’s soccer match. Prior to enjoying an event, the actors hug one another. The couple could be seen talking on the director’s mobile while grinning and giggling. Olivia Wilde sported a beanie, cap, sunglasses, trousers, and a white T-shirt.

Both of them, who had been living together for almost ten years, recently banded together and asked for the dismissal of the wrongful termination action brought by their previous nanny, known as Ericka Genaro, and the transfer of jurisdiction to a personal arbitrator. The confidentiality of Genaro’s litigation was required by Olivia Wilde as well as Sudeikis. The two issued a statement this past week stating it is sad that this intimate problem continues to come out in the media.

Their main concerns are bringing about peace and safeguarding the members of their families from harm. According to Genaro, her previous husband dismissed her for taking a stress leave. After Genaro filed her lawsuit, Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde asserted that she wasn’t actually dismissed but instead resigned as a result of their refusal to increase her pay.

Additionally, they asserted that Genaro had been threatening to “dish” their unclean laundry to the media, which she finally did. The pair have been engaged in a bitter custody dispute in addition to their conflict with their previous nanny. In a custody battle for their Daisy,6 years, and son Wilde, 9 years charged Sudeikis with seeking to litigate her into financial obligation

Olivia Wilde And Jason Split Their Various Expenses

Throughout their partnership, Olivia, as well as Jason, fairly and equitably split all expenses, including childcare costs. Jason started legal action to guarantee children received equitable financial compensation.