Social Security Payments 2023 Will Begin In May

Social Security
Social Security

The initial round of May payments from Social Security was distributed last week, although even though you didn’t get one yet, you’re probably scheduled to receive one at the end of the month. On Wednesday, another set of payments will be made. Your date of birth and the length of time you have been a Social Security beneficiary are used by the Social Security Administration to determine when you will get your check.

Throughout the month, the SS Administration distributes its checks in waves. Find out how your payment date is decided as well as when to expect your Social Security payment by continuing to read.

Social Security Check For May

The dates for receiving Social Security including/or SSI payments in May are as follows:

3rd May-for recipients of both benefits.

 10th May 10- for individuals turning one and turning ten.

17th May- for individuals turning eleven and turning twenty,

24th May- for ones turning twenty-one and turning thirty.

Depending on your birth date, the SS Administration normally mails payments on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Wednesdays of every month. With a couple of exceptions, SSI recipients typically receive their payments on the 1st of every month. On the 3rd of every month, SS pay-outs are made, along with the first, SSI payments are made. Payments for SSI, as well as Social Security, differ based on whether it is the 1st or 3rd of the month.

What happens if my bill doesn’t arrive on scheduleSS Administration advises waiting three more mailing days before getting in touch if, due to your birth date or some other reason, your check doesn’t come by the day specified above. Call 800-772-1213 to talk with an expert in case you still haven’t gotten it. (The SSA points out that waiting times are shorter on Wednesday via Friday, especially in the late afternoon on workdays.)