Sean Penn’s Son Hopper, In Love In Rome With Rosanna Arquette’s Daughter Zoe Sidel 

Sean Penn

Hopper Penn son of actor Sean Penn was recently snapped romancing in Italy with Zoe Sidel daughter of Rosanna Arquette. The couple’s candid photographs were released by Page Six and can be seen shopping, holding hands, eating food, and kissing. 

Zoe was donning a colorful skirt with a black and blue T-shirt, a bead necklace, and a sling bag and wearing black and white kitten shoes. While Hopper styled a white T-shirt with khaki pants, gray shoes, and a blue cap.

The lovebirds had lunch at a local eatery and were spotted kissing, having a relaxed and happy time together giggling amid chats. The duo then walked on the cobblestone pathway of Rome holding hands and taking selfies from Zoe’s phone. Hopper held Zoe by the waist while shopping together.

Sean Penn A Strict Father: Hopper Shares About His Battle With Drug Addiction 

Hopper has described Sean Penn as a strict father and has owned up to being troublesome as a young adult. He has spoken out about his drug addiction to ES Magazine in 2019 who had been arrested for possessing drugs in 2018. Hopper has called this phase the darkest time of his life.

Back in 2013, a young Hopper had assaulted and abused slang words at a photographer. Speaking of his crystal meth addiction, Hopper has recalled going to rehab as he woke up in a hospital.

Rosanna Arquette played Hopper’s mom in Puppy Love in 2020. Rosanna had commented in the San Francisco Examiner back in 2021, about her love for Hopper’s parents and that she enjoys connecting with him as an actor. While Hopper has acknowledged having a big crush on Zoe’s mother Rosanna as a kid.