Raelynn Has Defended Julie Chrisley: Sentencing Is Wrong


Raelynn, the famous singer, has defended her friends, Julie Chrisley and Todd Chrisley after the couple was sentenced to prison for their white-collar crimes.

The singer of “God Made Girls” stated that the couple was some of the most giving and amazing people that she had ever met. Writing to her Instagram stories, the singer commented that what she was seeing today was absolutely disgusting, and the accusations were completely false.

She also spoke about how the misinformation and the lies that were spread about the family and this case had been absolutely uncanny. The singer competed in the second season of The Voice in 2012, where she also encouraged the court system to actually sentence those people who had been committing crimes. A friend of the musician, Paige Szupello, also went on to support the couple on social media, where she urged her followers to be a little compassionate. 

Raelynn Has Voiced Her Support For Her Persecuted Friends

Raelynn’s friend also stated that the Chrisley family was one of her life’s biggest blessings. Also, they were just like every other family, and she didn’t want that to happen to her worst enemy. What made the situation worse was that the entire limelight was on them- and the suffering and anxiety could be something that no one could comprehend. The makeup artist stated that this family makes their world a better place- and they don’t deserve to go through this phase. 

Raelynn’s friends have been slapped with multiple-year prosecutions. Todd had been slapped with 12 years behind bars, while his wife has received a seven-year sentence. This was confirmed by a report from the US Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia. US Attorney Ryan K. Buchanan also stated that over the course of this decade, the defendants had been defrauding banks out of tens of millions of dollars.