Rebel Wilson Shares “Bad News” While Struggling With Fertility

rebel wilson

Rebel Wilson talked about receiving a bit of “bad news”. She did so while she continued to provide encouragement to others suffering from issues with fertility.

Rebel Wilson’s Difficult Time

The actress who is now 41 years old continues that she had a desire to tell her fans about her own struggles. She admitted that there was no one else in her life with who she could do the sharing.

On Sunday, she took to Instagram and posted about her struggles. She wrote that she had a bit of bad news for the day and that she did not have anyone else that she could share the news. But she needed to let someone know of it. She said that she empathized with all women who are currently facing fertility struggles.

However, all was not downcast as the star of “Pitch Perfect” gave a positive conclusion to the note. She wrote that she considers the universe to work through mysterious methods. Even though some of the times it can make no sense whatsoever, Rebel Wilson hoped that there will be a ray of sunlight awaiting to shine through the dark and dreary clouds.

Along with the note, a photo was posted by Rebel Wilson. In it, she was draped completely in black and had the backdrop of a stormy beach scene. The photo was meant to accompany the mood of the note.

Alexis Knapp, her co-star in “Pitch Perfect”, wrote a reply to the post. She expressed her apology for the comedian and said that she has experienced the same situation as well. A broken heart emoji was accompanying the post.

Chrissy Metz said that this is them and sent love. A fan commented about how Wilson’s vulnerability was inspiring and hoped that all the massive support will help her get through the tough times a bit better.