Rihanna Flaunts Baby Bump Wearing A Bold Two-Piece Do With A$APP Rocky At Fenty Eventy In LA


Beauty and fashion mogul and pop superstar Rihanna was in LA recently to attend the Fenty Beauty Universe Event along with A$AP Rocky. And there was Rihanna’s baby bump accompanying her on the stage.

The pregnant superstar said that she was enjoying dressing up during her pregnancy. Rihanna said that it was fun not having to cover up her tummy. She said that it did feel a bit chubby but added that it was nothing when compared to the fun of having a baby inside.

Rihanna And A$AP Wore Coordinated Dressed That The Former Said Was Unplanned

A$AP was there in a purple shade that complemented Rihanna’s dress. But the singer clarified that the color scheme matched by chance.

Riri said that she did not know what he was wearing. She said that she had not even seen him as he came directly to the event from the studio. That is something that often happens to them, Riri clarified. They get dressed in separate areas across the house, but somehow always end up looking coordinated.

Rihanna first revealed the news of her pregnancy this January. She had then posted photos of A$AP Rocky in NYC. Ever since she has shared pictures of her belly at various stages of pregnancy on her Instagram account.

Other pics have shown Rihanna as she adorably cradled her bump while posing with her collection of products, that are now available nationwide in Ulta stores.

Riri had gone public with the news of her pregnancy with A$AP Rocky. She was photographed by the paparazzi in January as they were on a stroll in Harlem.

She said she was into the idea of equating pregnancy with looking sexy. She said that the process of having a baby should not be hidden and she did not believe in it.