The Finalist Of The Bachelor, Questions The Journey Of Clayton Echard

The Bachelor
The Bachelor

Clayton Echard was recently eliminated from the show, The Bachelor, and his journey ended in a very dramatic way. After his elimination that took place on 14th March, many Bachelor Nation members came live on social media platforms to talk about the journey of Clayton Echard from the start to the end of the show. 

Clayton Echard And His Journey In The Bachelor

The episode of Monday on The Bachelor went viral with Clayton was seen telling his friends Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia that Susie Evans had left that morning. The reason she left was Clayton’s past sexual behavior with another fellow contestant which for her was not cool. 

Following Susie Evans’s departure, Clayton persuaded the two women, Gabby and Rachel to stay there with the help of an emotional conversation. Though the ladies agreed to stay, people were not happy about the way Clayton persuaded those women. 

After this incident, Clare Crawley told Jesse Palmer that Clayton was not handling the situation well and it is tough for the audience to watch him like this. In the words of Nick Viall, Clayton lost the most precious thing while trying to create relationships with Gabby and Rachel. Even it was pointed out that Clayton told Susie that he loved her the most. 

In the views of a former contestant of The Bachelor, Clayton is a guy with good intentions however he never put himself in others’ shoes and did not consider the consequences of power in the game of love. In the entire journey, he should have shown empathy to the women, and the way he played many people thought that he was only trying to find love just for himself and not with someone. 

Some said that Clayton showed his vulnerable side which is very difficult to do on camera. According to Michelle Young, to create a relationship, both sides must give equal efforts to make it last for long.