Instagram Got Banned In Russia, Influencers Bid Farewell To Their Fans

Instagram Followers
Instagram Followers

There has been quite a buzz that the influencers of Russia are crying over social media platforms because Instagram got forbidden in Russia. The news of their crying spread all over the digital platform a day after the ban.

Impact Of Instagram Ban On The Lives Of Influencers 

There regulators of state media in Russia decided to ban Instagram as this particular platform has been used by people to spread violence against Russia and was portraying them in a negative light. Russia also boycotted Facebook as the Meta Platforms owned it. The same goes for Instagram and for Twitter, they have banned it partially. 

The Government of Russia stated that it is a criminal offense if an individual spreads some fake news about Russia or tries to set a fake narrative about the country. There were several influences that live in Russia who posted farewell videos and requested their followers to join them on other social media platforms like VK and Telegram. 

NEXTA, a media house, stated some of the names of influencers according to whom this is the first stage of sorrow. The channel also criticized those content creators that the two countries are at war and thousands of people are dying, however, the only thing that they are bothered about is that they cannot post any more fancy pictures on Instagram.

A Russian influencer, Olga Buzova, posted a video of seven minutes where she openly admitted that she is scared of losing her followers which she gained after tremendous hard work. She also added that Instagram was not a duty for her, instead, it was her life and soul which is now snatched from her.

In the words of Adam Mosseri, this decision to cut down on Instagram will separate 80 million people from the outside world and it will be extremely harmful and wrong.