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Monday, August 15, 2022

Information About Bob Saget Banned By Judge

There has been some buzz that a Judge from Florida has given orders that any video, photo, or information about the death of Bob Saget will be blocked. This request to block all the information about the death of the comedian was requested by her family. The Judge of the Florida circuit, Vincent Chiu granted a permanent injunction as there could be the possibility of chaos if all the information regarding the investigation gets revealed to the public.

The Tragic Death Of Bob Saget Is The Talk Of The Town

Bob Saget was an actor who was just 65 years of age and died of sudden head trauma on 9th January 2022. The autopsy of Bob Saget revealed that the head trauma was because he fell down backward at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakers which is situated in Florida. 

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As per sources, Bob Saget suffered from several fractures one at the back of his head, some fractures in his eyes, and a deep cut in his scalp. In addition to these injuries, there was excessive internal bleeding that happened between tissues that cover the entire brain and the brain itself.  

The death of Bob was declared to be accidental and there was no evidence of sabotaging any element or of drugs. The toxicology report came after some time and it stated that there were zero traces of foreign toxins or drugs in his body.  

The widow of Bob Saget, Kelly Rizzo, and their three children had recently filed a case asking the Court to prevent the spread of all the personal information about the death of Bob Saget. This information was mostly released from the office of the medical examiner and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. This signing of the lawsuit was done after random media houses started demanding medical information and all other information that was revealed from the investigation.

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