Rihanna Reveals That She Puts Toxic Pressure On Herself


In 13 minutes, Rihanna confidently sang 12 of her chart-topping singles while hanging 60 feet in the air. Nonetheless, many people were unsatisfied with Rihanna’s performance because of her pregnancy.

“The performance Rihanna gave at halftime was quite disappointing. Well, we have seen pregnant artists deliver far greater performances than that, but it is not the norm “the tweet of a single observer. There will be high expectations for Rihanna’s new album due out soon, but it will be difficult to top 2016’s Anti.

The 34-year-old “Diamonds” singer recently spoke with British Vogue for its March cover story, claiming that the album was her “most brilliant” in retrospect. “That is why I am saying it now; at the time, I did not see it that way. Yet, I have always considered it to be my most unified record to date.”

Rihanna Promises An Album

What is more, “I put a lot of stress on myself, too. The idea that if anything is not better than that, it is not worth it.”

Rihanna has come to see that this is not the greatest strategy and she has no intention of allowing her emotions to get in the way going forward. “You should not ingest it since it is poisonous. That is the wrong perspective, as music is a medium through which everyone may express themselves and share their ideas. Scale is not required at all. That should be something pleasurable to do. It may be as simple as a song that I enjoy. Well, it may be that easy “the woman declared.

Even more so, Rihanna said, “The longer I wait for this to “feel right,” “feel perfect,” and “feel better,” the less likely it is that it will ever come out, and I am not down with that. Now I am eager to get into the game. When I say “play,” I mean that I have the words for what I want to say, but I have not yet found the right expression for them.” She expressed her desire for it to happen this year, saying, “It would be insane if it is not this year.”