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Robert Downey Jr Celebrates His 56th Birthday

Robert Downey Jr, the inaugural actor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, celebrated his birthday. Numerous crew members and the members of the cast took to social media platforms to wish the actor including Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo, and Chris Hemsworth. It is his 56th birthday. 

Robert Downey Jr As The Iron Man

The American actor is one of the major figures in the universe of the MCU franchise. He kicked off in the year 2008 as the popular character, Tony Stark. It was in the movie, Iron Man, by Jon Favreau. Since then, he has been one of the focal points of the entire sequel of the Infinity Saga. Robert Downey Jr’s character bids farewell to the sequel in the Avengers: Endgame. However, the actor is an evergreen part of the beloved franchise.

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Though the standalone movies of the Iron Man actor might have been successful in wrapping up in Phase 2, he did not stop remaining a force of the primary narrative.  This was maintained by making sure that he has an appearance in numerous ensemble films of the MCU. 

Apart from the series of the most loved Avengers, Robert Downey Jr has had a role to play in other popular movies. They include Spiderman -Homecoming and Civil War from The Captain America Series. It is a known fact the protagonist of these movies was not the actor himself. However, the role he had is such that it cannot be ignored as well. All the roles and the lessons that Robert Downey Jr has received in the movies lead to his most important role in the Endgame. It is here that the character of Iron Man makes the decision of sacrificing his life for the greater good. 

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