Robert Downey Jr. Will Be A Part Of The Remake Of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert downey Jr. the Iron Man of the Marvel Studio fanatics has announced his new project to play a character in a remake of an Alfred Hitchcock classic called vertigo. Robert Downey jr. has been out of the limelight since the Avenger: Endgame released back in 2019.

There has been some news about his appearance in Christopher Nolan’s new project, Oppenheimmer, however, he has largely been outside of the spotlight since Endgame. However, now after four years, there are some news that he will star in the remake of Vertigo, a classic by Alfred Hitchcock.

Paramount Pictures are working to ensure the remake of this classic from 1958. The actor, and his wife will also be a part of the producer team with their company, Team Downey Entertainment.

Robert Downey Jr. will naturally appear in the role of James Stewart and Steven Knight, the creator of the famous Netflix show, Peaky Blinders will write a screenplay for the movie.

Robert Downey Jr. Will Star In A Remake Of An Alfred Hitchcock Movie

As of now, the actor to appear in the opposite roles are yet to be revealed. Representatives from Paramount Pictures and Downey Entertainment company haven’t yet responded to the requests of media outlets.

Vertigo is a cult classic that stands on ninth place in the list of Greatest American Movies Of All Time By AFI, and it is also considered as a masterpiece.

The groundbreaking techniques that Hitchcock introduced in the movie vertigo have already become a myth. This has now created the vertigo effect that humans often experience.

Robert Downey Jr. has been largely outside of the limelight since he played Avengers: Endgame, and now this amazing news has hyped up the fans.