Rod Stewart Canceled The Trip. Why?

Rod Stewart

The 78-year-old Grammy Award winner canceled his Australian tour due to viral infections. Rod Stewart shared the news he has been suffering from a viral infection on Instagram. The infection has affected his voice and health in general. He is growing old and he needs to be careful. He cannot risk others’ lives in the process of making money. 1.2 million followers received the shock on Saturday. The concert was supposed to take place in Victoria, Australia. He himself is heartbroken to share the news.

Rod Stewart’s Health Has Taken A Toll On Him Massively

He is 78 years old and health should be his first priority. Rod Stewart’s voice is affected by viral infections. Which led him to announce the cancelation of the tour in Australia. In his apology note to the followers, he said it is even heartbreaking on his part. He won’t be able to perform what he loves. It is shameful on his part as well that fans have bought tickets. Rod Stewart was supposed to perform on A Day On The Green.

He is doing everything he can to get back on stage soon. He further said he is human and his health is not cooperating. The tour was supposed to begin before his New Zealand tour. He would have begun the tour from Mexico, Las Vegas, Ireland, the U.K., Spain, and North America.

Rod Stewart is also suffering from prostate cancer. After being diagnosed he took up a residency in las vegas in 2021. Before this Rod Stewart also went through another big break after his cancerous thyroid gland was removed in 2000. This surgery led him not to do something he loves. The doctor promised him his voice will be back in six months. That didn’t happen. He was able to talk but couldn’t sing. It was hard for him to even survive without singing.