Salma Hayek Rocks Her Red Bikini On Boat While Celebrating the 56th Birthday

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek took a boat cruise to celebrate her 56th Birthday while wearing a scorching bikini. In an Instagram video shared on Friday, the actress danced while on the boat, grinning and holding a straw hat. She posted the footage captioned Happy 56th Birthday to her.

The “House of Gucci” actress’ admirers applauded her swimming suit body in the comments, along with birthday greetings from Zoe Saldana, Drake, Anthony Hopkins, and other celebrities.

Hayek frequently posts pictures of herself in swimwear on social media. She and her husband, François-Henri Pinault, have a 14-year-old daughter named Valentina.

Throughout the summer, the Oscar candidate has worn a variety of swimwear, from a violet bikini in June to a black two-piece outfitted with a coordinating wrap last month.

Although she doesn’t “have time to exercise,” Hayek told People in December 2020 that she does a form of restorative yoga.

Salma Hayek Rocked Her Red Bikini Look On A Boat Cruise: 

The Daytime Emmy winner said she had worked with a woman in London where the woman taught her to hold the body in a way where the muscles will be activated all day. She said that even when one brushes their teeth, they work their muscles.

She added that the woman also taught her to tone the muscles without clenching them. The legendary actress said that if one can relax their muscles and focus on the parts she should be using, but not with tension, and if one can always be aware of their body, they will be surprised by its effects.

Salma Hayek, who has also been featured in the “Eternals,” also claimed that she doesn’t have time to diet and prefers to conduct juice cleanses because she isn’t “good at” it.