Jane Fonda, Diagnosed With Cancer, Currently Under Chemo

Jane Fonda

The cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy treatments for Jane Fonda were made public on Friday. The Legendary actress Jane Fonda recently wrote on Instagram that she had something very personal to share with her close friends. She said that she is currently diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and she has started the chemo treatment.

She said it is a treatable form of cancer with an 80% accuracy rate, so she feels lucky. She said she considers she is lucky enough that she has the coverage and access to some of the best doctors.

Aware of her “privilege [sic]” as a star, Fonda also described herself as “fortunate” to “have healthcare coverage and access to the greatest doctors and treatment.”

The “Georgia Rule” actress revealed she has been undergoing chemotherapy for six months and is “taking the treatments fairly well,” adding that she will not allow the illness to stop her from advocating climate change.

Jane Fonda Currently Undergoing Chemo After Being Diagnosed With Cancer: 

Jane Fonda said that the midterms are looming over her head, which is beyond the consequential. So, she said that her followers could count on her to be right there amongst them as they grow their army of climate champions.

As a “teacher,” cancer, according to Fonda, added that she is “paying attention to the teachings it has for me.”

Following the beloved star’s disclosure of her diagnosis, fans and famous people filled the comments area with messages of support and inspiration. “Love you, Jane,” wrote Chelsea Handler. Always in my thoughts are you.

According to cancer.net, non-lymphoma Hodgkin’s patients in the US have a 73 percent overall survival rate.

Due to a string of near-death experiences with the disease, Fonda claimed to have “a lot of cancer” in a 2019 interview with British Vogue.