Salma Hayek Gives New Meaning To “Sunday Blues” With Her Latest Swimsuit Snapshot

Salma Hayek

Instagram has had some fabulously glamorous content when it comes to displaying swimsuits over the days. However, even among those, Salma Hayek’s display have been standing out by quite a margin. The actress, who has been nominated for the Oscars multiple times, has filled her grid on the social media app with some of the most stunning summer pictures that can be found for the season.

However, among them, her most recent picture, along with its caption, has made her viewers rethink what the term “Sunday Scaries” means. The photo features the actress with very little to no make-up with a beautiful sunny backdrop.

Salma Hayek Is Enjoying Her Summer

In the Instagram post in question, Salma Hayek looks nothing of short picture perfect. She chose to display her face without any sort of mask or filter. For her attire, he sported a stunning two-piece bikini. On top of that, she wore a swimsuit cover-up, fabulous in its own right, in a hue as blue as the sky above. The water that features in the background of the picture also blends in with the hue.

Apart from that, Salma Hayek also had a couple of gold necklaces. However, the reader’s favorite accessory amongst all of those in this particular picture will have to be the actress’ amazing confidence. For the caption, Hayek asked the readers if anything was wrong with “Sunday blues”. To be honest, the picture would make anyone forget about having Sunday Scaries. The picture can even inspire total confidence in some of us, going the expression shown by the star of the Eternals.

Salma Hayek recently turned 57 but continues inspiring her fans through every new post on Instagram. Other than embodying the swimsuit confidence epitome, sometimes she also gives some valuable pieces of wisdom through her captions.