Confirmation Given By Sam Asghari Regading Spear’s Pregnancy

Sam Asghari
Sam Asghari

Britney Spears announced on Instagram with a cryptic message which left the fans wondering whether she is pregnant or not. This Monday Britney Spears posted that she was pregnant either with food or a baby. However, Sam Asghari, the fiancé of Britney Spears confirmed the news that she is pregnant with a picture of a lion, lioness, and a cub. 

Sam Asghari Posted On Instagram After Speculation Of The Pregnancy

Sam Asghari wrote in the caption that marriage and children are signs of a developed and mature relationship with a lot of respect and love. He also stressed that he has always wanted to be a father and as this opportunity came to him, he will not take this lightly. In his opinion, raising a child and taking care is the most crucial job that he has ever done. 

Britney Spears posted a picture on Instagram recently which showed a pink coffee cup and flowers of the same color and gave a hint of her third child and the first one with Sam. in that post, she wrote that she had worked very hard to lose weight for their trip to Maui and after returning she has gained it back. 

She mentioned that Sam Asghari joked about her gain in weight and stated the reason was food, however, after she did a pregnancy test, the news was confirmed. She also stated that after four days, she looked more pregnant, and then the thought of twins came to her mind which if is true will blow her mind off. 

The singer who is now 40 years old already is a mother to two children with Kevin Federline, her ex-husband. The two sons namely Jayden and Sean are 15 and 16 years old respectively. Spears gave a public statement back in June 2021 when she was fighting to end her conservatorship period that she would love to increase her family with Sam.