Sami Sheen Wishes Denise Richards On Mother’s Day

Sami Sheen

On Mother’s Day, Denise Richards felt her daughters’ affection. The mother of three spent a while with her oldest child Sami Sheen, whom she and Charlie Sheen share, and they were all beaming and taking selfies together. Happy Mother’s Day, Sami Sheen wrote in the description of a series of images she posted on Instagram. I adore you a lot, mama.  

Regarding the relationship with the 18-year-old, Sami Sheen, Denise has always been open and honest. She appeared on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live in Feb last year, where she described their relationship as “strained.”

Sami Sheen And Denise Richards Are In A Good Place Now

“It’s quite challenging. It’s strained right now, but I know we’ll get back to how we were someday,” she said. They appear to have thankfully moved past the issues a year later. The actress thanked Sami Sheen in a comment on her blog post, writing, “Thank you, Sami, for a great Mother’s Day. It is really meaningful to me,” wrote Denise. 

Denise’s mother, Joni Richards, died unexpectedly in 2007, however, it seems that her soul was still present at the table because they reported feeling her presence: “I know nana was at supper with us because wouldn’t miss one of her absolute favorite restaurants.” 

I’m grateful, and I adore you so much, the Valentine actress continued. Additionally, the model got a shout-out from her kid Lola Sheen, who posted a lovely selfie along with a kind remark. “Mom, happy Mother’s Day. My closest companion and inspiration. You have always kept me alive.” she wrote.