Sarah Michelle Gellar Gets A New Haircut For The Summer

Sarah Michelle Gellar

In all honesty, the best way to welcome summer is to enter it with a new hairstyle. In a recent Instagram photo, Sarah Michelle Gellar flaunted her chic new hairstyle, which has admirers thinking about one of the adored actress’ most well-known roles: Buffy Summers.

Check out the photo of the author of Stirring Up Fun with Food taking an unplanned selfie below. With her gorgeous blonde hair, glittering jewels, and a full face of makeup, Sarah Michelle Gellar was picture-perfect. “I have a summer cut, ready for the long weekend. Don’t forget.. today is the only day you may say “C U Next Tuesday,” Gellar said in the description of the photo. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Summer Ready

We weren’t the only ones who were transported back in time by the image; something about it made us recall a specific season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fans frequently made similarities to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s hairstyle from season 6 of the supernatural series in the comments section of her post. “I like your new hairstyle. Giving me feelings of Buffy season 6,” one user said. “Hair from Buffy season 6. Love to see that,” another person commented. Another added, “New haircut? (Season 6 Ep 11),” making reference to the episode when Buffy chose a bobbed hairstyle.

This outfit seems like it would be a big hit with Buffy Summers. We are absolutely feeling summer and Buffy Summers with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s stunning golden hair, and we love it. A Buffy bob in blonde? Sounds like the newest summer fashion! In preparation for the summer, Gellar isn’t the only actress sporting a blunt bob; January Jones also chopped a few inches off of her previously shoulder-length hair. She included two scissor emojis in the Instagram description for the picture.