Savannah Guthrie Has Recalled Her Days As A Cub Reporter

Savannah Guthrie

Savannah Guthrie has decided to give the new graduates a few words of advice that they would need in the future.

The anchor of Today, at 51 years of age, returned to her alma mater of Georgetown Law School over the weekend where she spoke to the Class of 2023, and even shared a couple of memories from her days as a student.

The anchor, who had completed her undergraduate study at the University of Arizona in 1993, mentioned that she had been working in the local television scene, where she rose from market to bigger market with her notebook, helmet hair, and a red blazer. This is when she realized that she wanted to blow that up and go to law school. Her lesson for the graduate students was that slackers at high school could also turn it around. In the video that was posted on the website, she asked the students to not play it safe.

Savannah Guthrie Wants The New Graduates To Take Some Risks In Life

After Savannah Guthrie graduated from Law School in 2022, she started working at a law firm, then landed a job as a correspondent at CourtTV before joining the famed NBC News. During that period, law school was quite a big risk for her, and she believes that it could still be for 2023 graduates. But she continued by mentioning that it could also be a safety net for some people. Irrespective of the case, she wanted to tell the students that anything they wanted to was waiting for them out there. But they would have to take a big risk to reach that.

Savannah Guthrie was then joined by her former classmates and was even welcomed back by Dean William Treanor, and Frances DeLaurentis, her former professor, who recalled that Guthrie was a great student.