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Selena Gomez Trying To Bring Back Real Stomachs In 2022 Through TikTok

Selena Gomez is currently on Vacation in Italy. From there, the ‘murder in the building’ star posted a clip on her TikTok on Wednesday where she declared that “real stomachs” are fashionable again.

The swimsuit-clad star in the video, which has amassed more than 4.6 million views, relaxed on a yacht while dubbing over a voice encouraging her to “suck it in.”

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The founder of Rare Beauty, singer Gomez, 30, heard that she will not be sucking s—t in as she believes that Real stomachs are becoming fashionable yet again.

She examined her La’Mariette tie-dye swimsuit while she was recording the video. The one-piece is from the swimsuit line she created with her colleague and former secretary, Theresa Mingus, back in 2021.

Since then, fans have been very quick to take the opportunity to praise Selena Gomez for promoting a body positivity message to her TikTok Followers.

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Selena Gomez Praised By Fans For Body Positivity:

One of Selena’s fans commented that she makes them feel comfortable in their skin. Another one said that she possibly is the best role model for anyone. Meanwhile, another user stated that the body positivity clip from the start of her stature is very refreshing.

Gomez has utilized social media to increase awareness on issues such as mental health and real stomach body after being offline for a long time.

The former Disney Channel star blasted body shamers on the app back in April, claiming that giving up her favorite foods to get “thin” is pointless because “people whine about it [her weight] anyhow.”

However, she feels that some issues are off-limits, such as her dating life, even though she is open about some subjects.

Recently, in a new TikTok video, her grandmother came dangerously close to disclosing information about the singer’s most recent love troubles.

Selena Gomez has remained silent about her romantic relationships since her breakup with Justin Bieber in 2018.  

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