Selena Gomez Talks Words Of Kindness On Tiktok Live

Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

Following Hailey Bieber‘s wildly popular podcast interview, Selena Gomez took some time to talk about kindness and the value of words. Gomez remarked in a TikTok video which was going live on Thursday that was taped and shared on Twitter, stating that It’s ironic that she’d release something that focuses on kind words.  The creator of Rare Beauty reportedly said It wasn’t fair as nobody ought to be addressed in the way that she’s seen, as per E! News.

The singer said if people support Rare, she can’t express her thanks enough, but they must know that they’re also embodying what it means, which is, Words actually matter.  On Call Her Daddy on Wednesday, Hailey Bieber displayed an unprecedented level of openness when she said that she has talked to Selena since wedded the actress’ ex, Justin, in 2018.

All respect is due. Hailey stated there is no gossip or drama specifically between her and Selena Gomez and that their chats are always friendly. Hailey said they owe nobody anything other than respect. They have for each other utmost regard and no speculations between them. 

Selena Gomez’s Mutual Healthy Relationship With Hailey Bieber Justified

The CEO of Rhode Skin stated why she proposed to Justin, aged 28, just a few months following his last separation from Selena Gomez. Everyone on their side knows what unfolded, and they’re okay so that they can now just walk away from it, not bothering much, with transparency and dignity. 

She said That has really given her a good amount of peace. In an oblique response to the hordes of obsessive “Jelena” admirers, Hailey stated that she never “robbed” him from Gomez since it is not a character for her to do so.

She revealed that her husband totally closed his chapter with the former Disney star prior to actually taking their relationship to another level. She’d not prefer to enter a relationship, get committed, and get wed to them and think deep in her mind, she said.