Trevor Noah Says Goodbye To His Host Life

trevor noah
Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah, After succeeding Jon Stewart seven years back as the host of the renowned Daily Show,  announced on Thursday’s broadcast that he’d be leaving shortlyHe told the audience he’d been thinking about all he experienced over the years as his milestone journey on the program had come to a halt after seven long years.

He continued, praising the show’s hosting as one of his major challenges and delights. But he misses learning different languages, traveling to various nations, performing in shows, and simply doing everything, and now wants to explore other facets of his life. 

He expressed his appreciation to everyone who assisted him and talked about how he wasn’t good at saying goodbye, and he wasn’t vanishing anywhere. Noah, aged 38, said that he never imagined himself in his current situation and that he won’t be departing until a replacement has been found.

A source informed Decider just prior to Trevor Noah’s statement that he would be making his exit from hosting on Thursday’s broadcast. Later, Paramount sent Variety a statement confirming the news, saying they’re thankful to Trevor Noah for their incredible cooperation over the last seven years.

Trevor Noah’s Change In Personal And Professional Life

The South African comedian, in 2015, took over “The Daily Show” amid a great deal of scrutiny. After previous tweets that were potentially anti-semitic surfaced, many viewers had a problem with Stewart’s substitution. Few of his earlier acts when he appeared to make disparaging comments on Aboriginal women have come to light. 

To Trevor, the initial years had been terrible since he took over one of America’s most cherished institutions, stated Variety in 2020. Although Jon Stewart handed him the keys, he spent the entire year hearing from people that he shouldn’t take up the job and didn’t deserve the position. 

The singer Dua Lipa is reportedly dating Trevor Noah, so his personal life isn’t the only aspect that’s changed. On Wednesday evening, the couple was seen enjoying a romantic supper in NYC.