Shauna Rae’s Romantic Interest Hits Out At Critics Of Their Relationship

Shauna Rae

The new interest of Shauna Rae has no intention to mince his words.  Dan Swygart responded to reproach for courting the 23-year-old, whose pituitary dwarfism makes her physique more resemblant of an 8-year-old, in 2 Instagram videos. On them, he justified the couple’s developing relationship, which was shown in season 2 of I Am Shauna Rae.

Dan Swygart Is Disgusted By Some People’s Attitude Towards Shauna Rae

He explained that he and Shauna are still simply close friends who are getting acquainted with each other. However, he finds certain people’s mentality to be simply revolting. 26-year-old Dan appeared in the Instagram reel on Sunday with his opinions. He said that Shauna Rae has experienced a lot in her life. She was diagnosed with cancer as a young child, and ever since, she has experienced discrimination in society.

He added that the viewers had too much audacity and disrespect by revoking Rae’s human rights to have a friendship, relationship, or connection involving another person. He explained that no one has any right to deny Rae something like that.

Swygart stated that the way people were treating the friendship and the reality star had him “totally outraged.” He remarked that he cannot believe certain people who take away her right to be friends or connected to someone else. He continued by explaining that she is a person, a survivor of cancer, and she was born with a disability and dwarfism. As such, who do the viewers think they are to deny her the opportunity to form a friendship and a bond with someone? He repeatedly questioned their disrespect at the end.

British and Welsh actor Swygart explained how he initially met Shauna Rae in a separate Instagram reel. He said that he had watched the show’s first season and that was how Shauna and him initially connected.  Because he was so moved by her emotional fortitude, he gave her some flowers along with a message wishing her all the happiness she deserves and telling her to live her best life.