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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Signal Messenger App Crosses 1.3 Million Downloads On Tuesday

Signal, a private messenger app reaches the peak spot on Google Play and iOS App Store on Tuesday. The free app stood at #1 with over 1.3 million downloads. The app kept off the throne was Telegram, another messaging app that has been gaining downloads. 

The lifetime downloads of the app remain at 63.1 million. The app has been downloaded more and more, extending its own streak by every twenty-four hours. Amir Ghodrati revealed that such a hike in downloads and consumption is not new for a messaging app. The growth of such apps, he further said, often depends on current situations and climates. 

Signal, The New Messenger:

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Despite its widespread fame and consumption, it was first founded in 2014. The application is an encrypted messaging media. It means that the company will not be able to have any access to any of the messages or calls carried out by its users. 

Signal gained widespread popularity after Elon Musk (Tesla & SpaceX) and Edward Snowden made a tweet about it on their respective pages. 

Signal’s consumption rises as a result of Facebook’s subsidiary WhatsApp’s protestors boycotting the app. The protest started with an update in WhatsApp’s privacy policy that would let other businesses with Facebook “see” what is being said. Their explanation was that it will be used for their marketing approaches.

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Although the corporate giant clarified the policy, ensuring their users that Facebook won’t have any private access to their chats or calls, the damage was already done. Ever since the break out of the Capitol Riots, several other tech-giants have shifted their policies in order to evaporate violence. 

Signal is one of the two messaging apps rising on the charts along with Telegram. 

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