Sir David Attenborough Has Left Instagram Weeks After Earning The Title Of The Fastest Instagram With 1 Million Followers


Sir David Attenborough, a historian and a broadcaster from England, set a new Instagram record. He achieved the title of becoming the fastest user of Instagram. In just 44 minutes, he was followed by 1 million users of social media. 

The 94-year-old broadcaster ditched the social media platform shocking everyone. This move came just after two months after Attenborough earned the new title. 

Sir David Attenborough made his last post in October. In it, he spoke of the perils of climate change. His followers were warned of the dangers that followed the change in the climate. Attenborough wrote that it is all up to us to go for disaster or triumph. 

Jonnie Hughes and Colin Butfield commented on the clip that was shared. Both of them are a part of, ‘A Life On Our Planet’, the documentary of Attenborough, on Netflix. They were behind the account of the filmmaker. 

They also wrote a message concerning the account and a sustainable future. Hughes and Colin wrote that there would not be any further posts, published from the Instagram account. Nevertheless, the earlier posts would be left open for the ones who want to advocate for a sustainable future. They said that the account would not be deleted. 

Currently, what Sir David Attenborough’s bio on his Instagram says is that his account is no more active. 

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What Made Sir David Attenborough Join Instagram?

When Attenborough made his first post on Instagram, he explained that he was exploring the fresh world of communication. This was done on 24th September, with a video. He further wrote that this move was undertaken by him to spread awareness among the people. He advocated that people must know that the world is in danger. 

Sir David Attenborough’s video clip, on Instagram, talked about all the facets of the endangered species, and, environment. It consisted of marine life, marine ecosystem, glaciers, and, continents. 

It had just been a few hours after the post that a new Guinness World Record was set. Sir David Attenborough earned one million followers, in a very short span of time. As of now, there are 6.2 million people following him over Instagram.

Prior to him, it was Jennifer Anniston who held the record. She had attained 1 million followers within five hours and sixteen minutes of joining Instagram. This happened in October, last year. 

Rupert Grint, from Harry Potter, is the most recent bearer of the Instagram related title. It took him just four hours and one minute to attain 1 million followers. This happened on 10th November.