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Small Business Saturday: Why Should You Shop?

While you could be thinking about shopping at big-box retailers, you could do with small business Saturday- with the current pandemic situation. To be fair, in a time which has been marked with disruptions in the supply chain along with inflation, most of the small businesses deserve our attention.

And SBS is an annual event that has been created by American Express- and it encourages people to shop at small businesses during the days that have a jam-packed consumer entrance. It usually takes place on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, which lands on the 27th of November in 2021. 

Reasons To Shop At Small Business Saturday

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Small Business Saturday is quite crucial as the pandemic has hit small businesses the hardest. According to a Federal Reserve report, most of the surviving businesses are currently at a position of risk, due to factors like deferred payments of rent and overdue credit bills.

Consumer support in such a situation would definitely provide the small businesses with a chance to fight for their survival. One of the professors at the Babson College in Massachusetts, Lauren Beitelspacher, recently stated that if we as a consumer get sad with a retailer closing, we need to make sure they don’t close in the first place. 

Another reason for shopping at Small Business Saturday could be that the very dollars you end up spending here would make a difference beyond the range of the retailer. It has been well-documented that small businesses end up creating local jobs and pay local taxes. 

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Shopping at Small Business Saturday would also be environmentally friendly– as most locally owned businesses locally source raw materials or manufactured products which in turn reduces the distance travelled by goods. According to Madhav Durbha, the VP at Coupa Software, no shipping from across the globe would make a smaller carbon footprint. 

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