Smokey Robinson Discloses His Affair With Diana Ross While In Marriage With First Wife

Smokey Robinson

American Songwriter Smokey Robinson, now 83, has disclosed his romantic relationship with Singer Diana Ross while being in a marriage to his first wife, Claudette Rogers. 

Smokey Robinson Talks About His Affair With Diana Ross

Smokey Robinson in an interview with The Guardian on Thursday said he was married when he and Ross were working together and fell in love starting their relationship. Robinson has also called it beautiful. According to him, Ross was a beautiful lady and he still loves her to date. He has stated Ross as his closest person. Ross was young and was trying to establish her career while Robinson was trying to help her. 

The brief period of romance however came to an end, said Robinson, due to guilt. Robinson says that after dating Ross for a while, she had said her reason for not pursuing their relationship as she was aware of his wife Claudette and how much Robinson loved her, which Robinson has not denied.

As Smokey Robinson and Rogers were married from 1959 to 1986, it is difficult to determine when he started his relationship with Ross. According to Robinson, he found a new interpretation of romance even though his relations with Rodgers and Ross came to an end. He said, we as people can romance multiple people simultaneously and it has only been made forbidden by society. 

Robinson explains it is not that one person does not deserve or fails to fulfil expectations but it is related to feelings. He continues by saying that if love could be controlled by us, then we would never fall in love and people would refrain from taking such risks.

Robinson married his second wife Frances Glandney in 2002, while Diana Ross married her second husband Arne Naess Jr. in 1985.