Snapchat has released a new report about trends that focuses on all the major topics that have been opened discussions between Snapchat users in 2020 so far.

Like expected, coronavirus has made a huge impact. Food trends are getting traction, like planting vegetables, and self-care is more of a highlight during the current time.

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The report follows up the trend forecast outline which Snapchat published in December 2019, which put different topics that gained momentum to a list. However, definitely, not anyone could expect what 2020 will be like, and it is exciting to record the changes between both reports, and how they mirror the growing views of younger Snapchatters.

Also, it’s worth observing the importance of these trends. In his new report noting that the Snap Partner Summit, CEO Evan Spiegel stated that Snapchat at present reaches more 13-34 year-olds in the US than Facebook or Instagram. That recommends that the trends are a signal of common interesting topics among young users.

We’ve got you the information into the infographic below, yet you can read Snap’s report here.

Snapchat trends infographic