Dancing Hot Dog in Snapchat Makes a Comeback to Motivate People to Vote


Snapchat is keeping its drive to motivate more people to vote by bringing back the popular AR effect ‘Dancing Hot Dog’, this time in clothing with the election theme and bearing a major awareness message.

As reported by The Verge:

“The character is set to return for Election Day on November 3rd, dressed in an Uncle Sam-style outfit twirling a sign calling on users to find their polling location. If a user clicks the sign, they’re linked to Snap’s Before You Vote tool that helps users find their polling locations and learn about the issues and candidates on their ballots.”

As stated, the update is part of Snapchat bigger election awareness initiative, it stated that it has already resulted in motivating over 1.24M users to join the poll.

In 2017, The Dancing Hot Dog became an icon in itself, and even producing its own product like accessible in Snapchat’s store.

Screen Shot 2020 10 27 at 6.14.30 PM

However, the Dancing Hot Dog has fallen on difficult times since then, feeling the nip of transient fame, and the viral popularity hangover.

However, now, it is back again. And with Snapchat planning to get the younger voters to the poll, it may also play a part in increasing participation, and making sure that more Americans have their opinions.

Users of Snapchat may also use the sticker “I Voted” to promote the participation besides sharing dancing foodstuff in the application as well.