YouTube Adds New Viewing Options, Including Improved Chapters and Simpler Format Switching


YouTube has released some new updates to the playback options to make it easier for users to turn on captions, switch format as you watch, discover certain parts of every video, and so more.

Firstly, back in May, on chapters, Youtube provided creators have access to an option of chapters listing that divide your video playback timeline into various chapter lengths that when outlined, broad the particular feed section and give a description of what is the section about.

Currently, YouTube is also adding to the chapter display, with a new list that you may access by clicking or tapping on the title of the chapter in the player.

YouTube's chapter display

As explained by YouTube:

“You’ll be able to see a complete list of all chapters included in the video you’re watching, each with a preview thumbnail of what you’ll find in that chapter. Save time by quickly jumping to the part you’re interested in.”

This change may make it a lot easier to discover a particular item in every video. Also, it may assist Google to outline major video segments in the results of the search, which may also be good for SEO.

Also, YouTub is planning to make it easy to switch on captions while the playback is playing by moving the button to a more outstanding location.

Before and After Closed Captions

That will particularly make it simpler to switch on captions on mobiles, with now the button on the video player itself as contrary to a divided features list.

Also, YouTube has moved the autoplay toggle on mobile for similar reasons, to make it easier to turn it on or off when you are watching and overlaying the control into the playback.

YouTube's autoplay toggle

Also, YouTube has added a new way to get into the full screen mode:

“Simply swipe up to enter full screen and down to exit. And if you’d rather see how much time is counting down vs. the time that’s elapsed in a video, now you can simply tap the timestamp to switch back and forth.”

Full screen options

Which means, you can title your mobile and YouTube may adjust in most cases automatically. However, this gives another easy option to switch your direction to improve playback.

Also, YouTube lately rolled out some reminders for bedtime, which may enable users to create a limit for the view of time for themselves. Also, it is rolling out recommended actions that alert you to rotate your mobile phone to play in VR when we think you may have a good experience.

YouTube's bedtime reminder

YouTube stated that it will add more recommended actions in the near future.

These are all comparatively small changes and updates, yet they may be important regarding usual behavior. The simpler it is for people to utilize every function, the more they will do so, and that may also maximize the confirm on captions in your uploaded videos, making video chapters regarding playback format, and so on.

They are some simple and small updates, yet they may have bigger impacts and are worth regarding your creation procedures.