Snapchat Launches New Campaign to Highlight Its Potential for Businesses


This week, Snapchat has started a new campaign to spotlight the possibility of the platform for promoting businesses, which shows a span of high-profile advertising executives describing their experiences in linking with audiences via the app.

The campaign involves approvals from Blake Stuchin, the Vice President of Digital Development at the NFL, Sadira Furlow, the Vice President of Marketing at Frito Lay and Maria Milenkova of Starling Bank, between others, who discuss the advantages of using Snapchat to link with next media consumers – or ‘The Snapchat Generation’ as Snapchat has named them.

Also, the campaign has its mini-website, which contains more approvals, along with a range of case studies that moreover highlight how different businesses use Snapchat to reach their target markets.

The Snapchat Generation

There are some interesting points, especially the spotlight on how young audiences use Snapchat to connect with each other. As clarified by Charlotte Swead, a marketing manager at Depop:

“It’s no longer about engagement, it’s actually about interaction.”

So, the major motive of the campaign is ‘hyper-engagement’, with people using Snapchat to share data with their friends. That contains promotional elements that have been built in bias with Snapchat usage. In conclusion, the campaign, by various case studies, indicates how companies that spend time understanding and establish promotions that relate to Snapchat user behaviors, can create more attractive, ringing campaigns that have the high-sharing possibility by word of mouth.

Definitely, that will differ from a brand to another, and spending the time to gain that stage of the platforms’deep understanding does really require another level of investing. However, with a lot of examples and case studies on the offer here, it might as well be valuable to spend the time to undergo this newest resource lists to measure better if Snapchat is the right choice for your next promotion.

The application is growing (now more than 238 million active users every day) Also, the audiences are getting older, and turning to a whole new spending bracket. While Snapchat might not provide a wide reach like Facebook, it can help with a more strong form of interacting agreement, which can also increase brand awareness between your target market.