Social Media Boycott For 3 Days By English Football

Social Media Boycott
Social Media Boycott

Clubs of English football including teams from the EPL and Super League for Women will undergo a social media boycott of 3 days next week. They will be doing that because of the sustained and ongoing discriminatory abuse that players received online. Many others received abuse, these are people connected to the sport, football. Players of very high-profile such as Lauren James and Marcus Rashford of Manchester United, Raheem Sterling, forward of Manchester City and the defender of Liverpool, Trent Arnold, and others have alleged that they were subjected to racist abuse. 

All of this happened on some of the platforms of social media. The enormous growing number of incidents called on the leagues and governing bodies across English football for writing a letter to Facebook and Twitter in February. The letter demanded the enforcement of stricter anti-discriminatory rules and regulations. That is why English football decided to do this social media boycott. 

When Will This Social Media Boycott Take Place?

English football’s leading figures are very much unsatisfied with the rules and actions were taken by the companies of social media. Now the latest confirmation is that all platforms will be boycotted for imposing the cover of the fixture’s full program next weekend. This also includes the game between Liverpool and Manchester United next week in the EPL. From Friday’s 15.00 GMT on 30th April to Monday’s 23.59 GMT on 3rd May. The statement read that it would be due to the sustained and ongoing discriminatory abuse that players and other people connected to soccer received online. The FSA, PGMOL, LMA, PFA, Women FA Championship, Women Super League of FA, EFL, and the FA.